7.5.2011 Soittolistat

Täältä löytyvät soittolistat 7.5.2011 järjestettyyn Infektioon. Soittojärjestys oli seuraava:

20.00-21.00 DJ Kryotechnik
21.00-22.00 DJ emanon
22.00-23.00 DJ Mekha
23.00-23.40 -sihiL
23.40-01.00 DJ Kryotechnik
01.00-02.15 DJ emanon
02.15-03.30 DJ Mekha

20.00-21.00 DJ Kryotechnik:

Anne Dudley – From Darkness To Light
The Peoples Republic of Europe – Leviathan
Coldcut – Timber (Journeyman mix)
The Black Dog – Raxmus
Esplendor Geometrico – Japo
The Black Dog – Chase The Manhattan
The Future Sound of London – Are They Fightin Us
The Future Sound of London – Hot Knives
Brad Fiedel: T2 soundtrack – Escape from the Hospital (And T-1000)
Xebox – Toxic Trash
Hysteresis – Calvaire
Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus
Coptic Rain, Trans Slovenia Express vol#1 compilation – Robots

21.00-22.00 DJ emanon:

Rebecca Black – Friday (IN HELL) Official [CYNICAL_MASS] Remix
Älymystö – Ei ketään
Velvet Acid Christ – Phucked Up Phreak
Broken Note – Zealot
C-Drone Defect – Oprheus (Life Cried mix)
Life Cried – Hallowed be Thy Name
Agonoize – Gottloss
:Wumpscut: – Soylent Green (Instrumental Take)
Aslan Faction – Weep For Me (Auspex Mix By Accesssynth)
Project Rotten – The Freakshow
Psyclon Nine – Parasitic
X-Fusion – Still Breathing
Turmion kätilöt – Härkä

22.00-23.00 DJ Mekha:

Prospero – Contagion and Rebirth (Flint Glass Remix)
Marching Dynamics – Bizango Datura
Detritus – Maxim
Scorn – Stripped Back Hinge
Roel Funcken & Cor Bolten – Fiction Stub
Formalin – Fallout
Kopferkat – Frankenstein Stomp
Converter – Order/Creature
Detune-X – Toolsuck (Xotox Remix)
16Pad Noise Terrorists – Swamp of Death
Needle Sharing – Rude Awakening (Come Closer Mix)
Formalin – Sezyr
Broken Note – Pyrotek

23.00-23.40 -sihiL LIVE:

The Midnight Oil
This Constant War
Everyday Is Halloween (Ministry cover)
Omnivore 2.1


23.40-01.00 DJ Kryotechnik:

Klaus Doldinger, Neverending Story soundtrack – Gmork
Abigail Mead, Full Metal Jacket soundtrack – Ruins
The Peoples Republic of Europe – No Mans Land
Converter – The Experiment
Laibach, Trans Slovenia Express vol#2 compilation – Bruderschaft
Hysteresis – Cenofuct
Boris Divider – Especie Digital
Anthony Rother & Billy Nasty – Celebrate the Roots
The Normal – Warm Leatherette
Torul, Trans Slovenia Express vol#2 compilation – It’s More Fun To Compute
The Peoples Republic of Europe – Anger Management
Kraftwerk, Minimum Maximum Concert Tour – The Man Machine
Luke Slater – Sum Ton Tin
Anthony Rother – Freaks
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

01.00-02.15 DJ emanon:

Front 242 — Headhunter
Destroid — Denial Of Life
Northborne — Brutal
Noisuf-X — Fire (C-64 Tribute)
Haujobb — we are the renegades of noize (haujobb vs this morn omina)
And One — Panzer Mensch
Cyanotic Presents T3RM1N8T0R — Opening Titles [Alternate Mix]
Project-X — She´s Lost Control [Leaether Strip Remix]
Combichrist — Intruder Alert
Machine Park — Survivors
ESA — Your Anger Is A Gift
Mangadrive — Like Lambs To Slaughter [Cyanotic Version]
Panzer AG — Behind A Gasmask
Nachtmahr — I Believe In Blood
Hydrocyanic — Burning Skies (Beati Mortui Remix)
Alien Vampires — Fuckin Negative
Unter Null — Popcorn (cover)

02.15-03.30 DJ Mekha:

Komor Kommando – Slaves to Machine
S.A.M – Mad as Hell
Terrolokaust – No Control (Extinction Front Remix)
Hocico – Bite Me! (The Beautiful Assholes H-Mix)
DJ Scantrax – Tek & Psy
Phosgore – Destruktor (S.A.M Remix)
Suicide Commando – Go Fuck Yourself (Alien Vampires Remix)
ESA – The Sea & The Silence pt1 (Manipulated by Mood Deluxe)
Uberbyte – Break You (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix)
S.A.M – Mindfuck
Terrolokaust – Just One Fix (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix)
Lab-4 – Mind Control
Hocico – Escape – Escape the Spell
Komor Kommando – Shrapnel
Neikka RPM – Bound With Sympathy (Grendel Mix)

lihavoitu oli toivebiisi.


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