26.11.2011 Soittolistat

Täältä löytyvät soittolistat 26.11.2011 järjestettyyn Infektioon. Soittojärjestys oli seuraava:

20.00 DJ emanon
20.45 DJ VoyVod
21.30 DJ Kryotechnik
22.15 DJ Ohmi
23.00 Shrine Of Downcoming (LIVE)
23.30 DJ Kryotechnik
00.30 DJ emanon
01.30 DJ VoyVod
02.30 DJ Ohmi

20.00-20.45 DJ emanon

Detritus – Scattered
Salem – Asia
Burzum – Tuistoz Herz (Disharmony Mix)
Frontier Guards – Visitors
Velvet Acid Christ – Pretty Toy
G.G.F.H – DMDR (Revenge Mix)
Älymystö – Ontto Seurakunta
:Wumpscut: – Die In Winter (Original Version)
Crocodile Shop – Some Nothing
The Horrorist – One Night In NYC
Judas Coven – You Are Alone

20.45-21.30 DJ VoyVod

Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria
:wumpscut: – Jesus Antichristus
Mentallo and the Fixer – Decomposed (Grimpen Ward)
Ministry – Land Of Rape And Honey
X Marks The Pedwalk – Abattoir (extended)
Digital Poodle – Head Of Lenin
Clock DVA – Cycon
Throbbing Gristle – Tanith

21.30-22.15 DJ Kryotechnik

John Foxx – Sunset Rising
Disharmony – Shadowlands
Froyd – Weisses Rauschen
Allied Vision – Coaxial Hardware
John Foxx – 20th Century
Little Computer People – Computer People
Plötslichmusik – Tour De Deutschland
Severe Illusion – The Machine That Feeds
Hioctan – Concentration Overload
Rauschenmaschine – In The Dark
Run DMC vs Jason Nevins – It’s like That
Future Sound Of London – Landmass

22.15-23.00 DJ Ohmi

Machine Park – Watchmen
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
Klutae – I Know It’s Sick But It’s So Much Fun
Oldschool Union – Nosta Punttia
Dive vs Diskonnekted – Do you believe it?
Portion Control – Amnesia
Terror Punk Syndicate – Dark Is The Psyche Of Man (Cryo Version)
Combichrist – In The Pit
E-Craft – Revolts Blood V1.0
Supreme Court feat. Feindflug – Disappointment Overdose
Front Line Assembly – Shifting Through The Lens
UnterArt – Novalis Part I (Der Morgen)
Dupont – Behave
Skinny Puppy – Village

23.00-23.30 Shrine of Downcoming (LIVE)

Open your eyes
The way you say
Downcoming anthem
Levoton tuhkimo (cover)

23.30-00.30 DJ Kryotechnik

Future Sound Of London – We Have Explosive
mindFluxFuneral – Everything Dead
Terrorfakt – No Mercy
This Morn’ Omina – One Eyed Man
Kraftwerk – Music Non Stop [Mason’s Superkraft Mix]
Miss Kittin & Hacker – Sweet Dreams
Rauschenmaschine – Digital Amnesia
Debasser – Fat Girls
Schattenschlag – Deine Augen
Plötslichmusik – Elektronische Freunde
Dopplereffekt – Pornoactress
davaNtage – Unholy
Anthony Rother & Sven Väth – Ghost Part I
Pet Shop Boys – Very – Go West

00.30-01.30 DJ emanon

Blutengel – Addicted
Heimataerde – Die Offenbarung
Agonoize – Koprolalie
Reaper – Urnensand
X-fusion – Bouncer of the Pearly Gate – Alternative End
Wings That Bliss – Scarlet
Suicide Commando – Cause Of Death Suicide (Club Edit)
God Module – The Source (Imperative Reaction mix)
Hocico – Tiempos De Furia
C/A/T – Encounter X32
Worms of The Earth – The Whore/The Whore (DYM mix)
Caustic – Shrapnel Condition (Mangadrive Mix)

01.30-02.30 DJ VoyVod

Siva Six – Faileth Stars
HydroCyanic – Crack Bitch
13th Monkey – Boulder Dash
Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach
Hocico – Forgotten Tears
Turnbull AC’s – Rejected
CombiChrist -Play Dead
Skinny Puppy – Chainsaw
Ministry – Over The Shoulder (12″-version)
Organ – Kani Kertoo
Psychopomps – Godshit
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion
Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes (7″-version)

2.30-03.30 DJ Ohmi

Assemblage 23 – Regret
Code 64 – Stasis (Seeds Of Utopia I)
BT – Somnambulist (Mark Norman Remix)
VNV Nation – Gratitude
Rename – Who Needs The World (Extended Version)
Covenant – Call The Ships To Port (Club Version)
Noisuf-X – Voodoo Ritual
Ghost & The Writer – Nightshift
Neuroactive – Space Divider (Video edit)
Colony 5 – Synchronized Hearts
Seabound – Torn (Covenant remix)
Encephalon – Daylight (Remix)
Deine Lakaien – Where You Are (VNV Nation Remix)
Mind.in.a.box – Amnesia
Echo Image – Endless Day (Club Version)
Spetsnaz – To The Core


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