Soittolistat 24.8.2013

Soittolistat 24.8.2013 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Soittojärjestys oli seuraava:

21.00-21.50 aQi
21.50-22.40 emanon
22.40-23.30 VoyVod
23.30-00.30 Älymystö
00:30-01:00 emanon
01:00-01:45 VoyVod
01:45-02:30 aQi

Listat päivittyvät vielä, jahka artistit kaivavat muistiinpanonsa 😉
21.00-21.50 aQi


21.50-22.40 emanon

Rauschenmaschine – Nebulous Spirograph (Atmosmix)
Hysteresis – Bitcrush
Noisuf-X – Happy Birthday
Ivardensphere – Bonedance (Club Remix)
ESA – Deceit (The Sharpening of the Shears)
Fractional – Ofue
Totakeke – The Past Remembered
Nachtmahr – Can You Feel The Beat (Grendel Remix)
Terrolocaust – God Loves The Violence (Violated by Alien Vampires
Combichrist – Happy Fucking Birthday

22.40-23.30 VoyVod

The Causticles – Ruin The Party
Front Line Assembly – Killing Grounds
Aesthetic Perfection – A Nice Place To Visit (B.M.F. Remix by Extinction Front)
NIN – Came Back Haunted
The Ludovico Technique – Dead Inside
Modulate – Robots (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Grausame Töchter – Bis Das Blut Fliesst
Die Krupps & Nitzer Ebb – Machineries Of Joy
High-Functioning Flesh – Video D.N.A. Gestalt
Youth Code – Destroy Said She
Kant Kino – Owner Of This House Lives Here
Beati Mortui – Vision Of Hell (Suicide Commando Remix)
Skinny Puppy – illisiT
Caustic – Bleed You Out feat. Android Lust
Psychopomps – Godshit
Hydrocyanic – Crack Bitch

23.30-00.20 Älymystö

Essence (intro)
Ei ketään
Kivun jumala
Lodges (Laced)
Army of Me (Björk cover)
Dead Inside (G.G.F.H. cover)
Ontto seurakunta
Kilpisjärven talvi

So Down (encore)

00:30-01:00 emanon

Hocico – Bite Me! (The Beautiful Assholes H-mix)
Alien Vampires – Control The Universe
BlakOpz – March Of The Unknown (Blade Rave Remix by Überbyte)
CygnosiC – Greed (MAS-Si-OSARE Remix)
T.H. Industry – Die Wut (Massic In Mench Remix)
Suicide Commando – Bleed For Us All (Unter Null remix)
Modulate – No Good
Ultraviolence – Psycho Drama

01:00-01:45 VoyVod

Petrol Bastard – Warrior Face
Bodykomplex – Teinihelvetti
Hocico – Polarity
Kuroshio – Biorobot (refined)
Skinny Puppy – Ugli
13th Monkey – Dualcore
Rabia Sorda – Breaking Through
Ministry – Stigmata
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed By A Makebelieve Lover… ‘Cuz It’s Hot
Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach

01:45-02:30 aQi



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