Soittolistat 13.12.2014

Soittolistat 13.12.2014 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Soittojärjestys oli lopulta seuraavanlainen:

22.00-22.30 Voyvod
22.30-23.00 emanon
23.00-23.30 Mekha
23.30-00.50 Dovra Yukas
01.00-01.50 Mekha
01.50-02.40 emanon
02.40-03.30 Voyvod

Dovra Yukas ja Mekha soittelivat vähän back2back settiä vuoroja vaihtaessaan.

22.00-22.30 Voyvod
Wychdoktor – Walking The Crooked Path
Mondkopf – Hadès I
Comaduster – Ma
Encephalon – Disintigrators Trench
Necro Facility – Do You Feel The Same?
Covenant – Prometheus
Alter Der Ruine – Tiny Wars and Quiet Storms

22.30-23.00 emanon
Agonoize – C.O.A
TraKKtor – Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Album Version)
3Teeth – Nihil
Noisuf-X – Happy Birthday
Skinny Puppy – Worlock ed
Nine Inch Nails – Closer

23.00-23.30 Mekha
ESA – ThTh (hidden track)
Soman – DATC
Huoratron – Corporate Occult
Nitzer EBB – Control I’m Here (The Hacker Remix)
Soman – Transmitter
S.A.M – Murder Inc.
Combichrist – Sent to Destroy

23.30-00.50 Dovra Yukas
(data missing)

01.00-01.50 Mekha
Ambassador21 – Light My Fire (Monolith Remix)
Winterkälte – Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons
Punch Inc. – Kick Ass
ESA – Black Trip
Iszoloscope – The Unsettled
Manufactura – Control, Domination, Response
Placid – Black Wings of Sorrow
Mobthrow – Death Note
Broken Note – Meltdown
Aesthetic Perfection – A Nice Place to Visit (X-RX Remix) (request )

01.50-02.40 emanon
Cygnosic – The Key
Ruinizer – Technoprisoners
God Destruction – I’m Your God
Tactical Sekt – 4 Steps To Dysfunction
Fractured – Only Human Remains
Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Blutengel – Children of the Night
Implant – Drugs vs. Violence (C-Drone Defect Mix)
Velvet Acid Christ – Tripped Out
Hell:Sector – God Saves
Evestus – No God (Chaos Royale Remix)

02.40-03.30 Voyvod

Die Krupps – Der Amboss
Blush Response – Breathe
A Split-Second – Flesh (Koen Tillie Mix)
Youth Code – To Burn Your World
And One – Military Fashion Show
Lowe – Breathe In Breath Out (Single Version)
Steril – Storm
Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach
Nitro/Noise – If We Stop Breeding
The Gothsicles – Ultrasweaty
XP8 – Showdown


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