Soittolistat 13.2.2015

Soittolistat 13.12.2014 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

22.00-22.40 Voyvod
22.40-23.20 emanon
23.20-00.10 Hexexen
00.10-00.40 Cardinal Noire
00.40-01.40 emanon
01.40-02.40 Voyvod
02.40-03.30 Hexexen

22.00-22.40 Voyvod
ESA – Open To Me, Your Black And Bitter Heart
▲NDR∆S – Heretic
Älymystö – Lodges (Laced With MMXII)
Legend – City
By Any Means Necessary – Waste
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Distorted Religion_v3
And One – Strafbomber
Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
Tannhäuser Gate – Face To Face
Dupont – Like We Never Loved

22.40-23.20 emanon
Ivory Frequency – Clock Is Ticking Fast
Icon Of Coil – Dead Enough For Life
Cyferdyne – Epsilon Prime
Essence of Mind – Wrong (Single Edit)
Code 64 – Leaving Earth (Thermostatic Remix)
Ashbury Heights – Bare Your Teeth
Sirus – Wolves of Wall Street
Grendel – Neon City Lights

23.20-00.10 Hexexen
Komor Kommando – Cervus Pulsu
Gor FLsh – Undead (Skitsnygg Remix)
Hijack Da Bass – Infernus Circa Angulum
NOISUF-X – Murder House
Alien Vampires – Control the universe
Angels On Acid – Now you know
Patenbrigade: Wolff – Stalinallee (Jugendclub mix)
[x]-Rx – Industrial Rave Revolution
DYM – Let your blood run dry (Grendel remix)
Siva Six – Faileth stars [SIVA SIX (OFFICIAL)]
Kant Kino – Owner of this house lives here (club mix)
Sleetgrout – Get rid of this life (SIN DNA Wants you dead remix)

00.10-00.40 Cardinal Noire
A New Form Of Machinery
White Dust
Mirror Shards
Just One Fix (Ministry Cover)

00.40-01.40 emanon
Psyborg Corp. – My Mechatronics
Psyclon Nine – Divine Infekt
Hell:Sector – Chrome Existence
Suicide Commando – Bind Torture Kill (Extended Torture)
Siva Six – Fire Walks With me
Frontal Boundary – Das Blut (Komor kommando Mix)
Diabolic Art – Final Destination
TraKKtor – Halo Of Lies
Cradle Of Filth – From The Cradle To Enslave (Under Martian Rule Mix)
C-Drone Defect – Fashion Victim (Just Greed Version)
Shades:Of:Hell – Kuolleet Sielut (unreleased)
C-Lekktor – Hardbeat [Mu]-Sickk

01.40-02.40 Voyvod
Wulfband – Attentat
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here
Nine Inch Nails – Happiness In Slavery
3TEETH – Pearls 2 Swine (Mr. Skeleton Remix)
Huoratron – A699F
Blak Opz – Behind The Curtain
Caustic – Generate Chaos (Cryogen Second Regressive Mix)
Bestias de Asalto – Sexo Psicotico
Deviant UK – Wreckhead (Grendel Remix – Resistanz Re-Edit)
The Gothsicles – Drunk Cuts [Black Eyed Black Out mix by Dead On TV]
Formalin – My Fetish (Tight Skins Club Rework)
Virgins O.R. Pigeons – Born In Sin
Nine Inch Nails – Copy Of A

02.40-03.30 Hexexen
Sirus – War Drone – 8 Bits (8.5 bits mix)
Freakangel – My Darling Bullet
Reaper – Dirty Cash (Skyla Vertex remix)
XP8 – Night run (Syrian Remix)
Mayhem – Do U Kno Tech No
Memmaker vs. DETROIT DIESEL – Race To Space
XMH – The Business
Mangadrive – Machine Fused From Undead (ft. Iszoloscope)
Cronos Titan – I am a machine (Part II)
Suicide Commando – The Pleasures of sin
Studio-X – Poison Ivy
Proteus – Angel Of Hell
Substanced – Geneva Part II


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