Soittolistat 2.10.2015

Soittolistat 2.10.2015 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Lopullinen soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

22.00-22.40 VoyVod
22.40-23.20 HexexeN
23.20-00.00 emanon
00.00-01.00 Shiv-R LIVE
01.00-01.50 HexexeN
01.50-02.40 emanon
02.40-03.30 VoyVod

22.00-22.40 VoyVod

Sunao Inami – 2015-0207
Peaches – Lose You (At The 808th Gate mix by V▲LH▲LL)
Skinny Puppy – Worlock
3TEETH – Consent
Polyfuse – Thrust Rush
Ministry – The Land Of Rape And Honey
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Distorted Religion_v3
High-Functioning Flesh – Confuse The Call
Youth Code – For I Am Cursed

22.40-23.20 HexexeN

V>lh>ll – Down in the woods (Wychdoktor remix)
Broken Stars – Beautiful world
Dead Astronauts – Walking with machines
Carpathia – Crystal death
OXYLICE – 42 (Hantise remix)
Aesthetic Perfection – Inhuman (Imperative Reaction remix)
Terrorkode – Sew my eyes (Cygnosic remix)
Nitronoise (Official) – Killer fueled machine (Cygnosic remix)
Seraphim System – Riot in progress (Grendel remix)
terrorgazm – I am the way (C-Lekktor remix)

23.20-00.00 emanon

Komor kommando – Love Your Neighbour
Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps – Metalmorphosis
C-Lekktor – Radioakktivity (Radio Mix)
Blakopz – Long Live The New Flesh
Combichrist – Never Surrender
Tactical Sekt – Beslan
SinDna – No God
Huoratron – Acid Reign

00.00-01.00 Shiv-R LIVE
Eye Of The Needle
Pharmaceutical Grade (SAM remix)
Shadow With A Voice (Symbiont remix)
Blind Mice
Parasite (Repossession)
God is Art (Noisuf-X remix)


01.00-01.50 HexexeN

DIZKODEATH – Vendetta (M.A.D.E.S. remix)
[x] – Rx – Stage 2
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Epos of The Argonauts (Italodisco remix by Syrian)
Soman – Waste
GRENDEL – Chemicals & circuitry (Komor Kommando remix)
BlakOPz – It’s not human
Shadow System – Coded shame
Cutoff:Sky – From hell
XP8 – Burning down (Phuncksztille & Pink Foamy remix)
Circuito Cerrado – Tu Alma
Caustic – Shrapnel condition (mangadrive – Nadespam rmx)
Turmion Kätilöt – Verta ja lihaa (Proteus mental remix)

01.50-02.40 emanon

Terrolokaust Falling Away From Me (KoRn Cover)
Cardinal Noire – Just One Fix
Hocico – Born To Be Hated
Agonoize – Darfür
Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler
C/A/T – Smashed
Caustic – Bury You Alive
Unter Null The Clock Is Ticking (Terrorfakt Remix)
Pow[D]Er Pussy Killamachine
Soman – Mask
Shades:Of:Hell – Kuolleet Sielut

02.40-03.30 VoyVod

Krystal System – Nuclear Winter (North Star Side)
Covenant – Prime Movers (Club Mix)
Angelspit – Pretty Dead Boys (Xris SMack! & Ashley Bad Remix)
ESA – The Tempters Triumph
Danger – 3:16
SAM – Halluzinogen (Shiv-R remix)
Cellhavoc – Boot Camp (feat. -sihiL)
Unter Null – Broken Heart Cliché (ALIEN VAMPIRES mix)
Nitro/Noise – The Revelation
Hocico – Twisted Lines
Xenturion Prime – Elite
Kuroshio – Biorobot (Refined)


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