Soittolistat 21.11.2015

Soittolistat 21.11.2015 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Lopullinen soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

22.00-22.45 VoyVod
22.45-23.20 Hexexen
23.20-00.00 emanon
00.00-05.00 Shiv-R (Live)
00.50-02.10 NoiZu
02.10-02.50 VoyVod
02.50-03.30 Hexexen

22.00-22.45 VoyVod

RI:SA – with an unstable core
Skinny Puppy – Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)
Haujobb – Input Error (The Horrorist remix)
Necro Facility – Do You Feel The Same
Cyanotic – Signal The Machines [Randolph & Mortimer mix]
And One – Strafbomber
Wychdoktor – Hexen
iVardensphere – Stygian
Shaolyn – More Bass In All Frequencies
Caustic – Fuck In A Suit

22.45-23.30 Hexexen

Intro / Mortiis – Smell the witch
Combichrist – From my cold dead hands
Crystal Castles – Not in love ft. Robert Smith
Aesthetic Perfection – Big bad wolf (Ashbury Heights remix)
Shiv-r – Taste (Reaper remix)
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – T.A.L.O.S.
GRENDEL – Wheels in motion (SAM remix)
Kuroshio – Sunburn
Perturbator – Raining steel
Peter Murphy – Low tar stars

23.30-00.50 emanon

Tom Waits – God’s Away on Business
CygnosiC – Mad Desire (Instru-Mental Mix)
Noisuf-X – Done In 15 minutes
Extize – Industrial Kombat
Unter Null – Obligatory Club Hit To Appeal The Masses
Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
Die Sektor – Feeding Famine
Legend – Benjamite Bloodline
Gothsicles – Konami Code IV
Necro Facility – Supposed
Ashbury Heights – Spiders
Hocico – Forgotten Tears
Rubix Qube – Demon Speeding
Schattenschlag – Sentenced To Death
Exemia – She’s a Xyborg
Ruinizer – The Horror (Sortaja Remix)
Unter Null – Sick Fuck
Illegan Trade – Gates

00.00-05.00 Shiv-R (Live)

Eye of the Needle
Pharmaceutical Grade (SAM remix)
Shadow With A Voice (Symbiont remix)
Blind Mice
Parasite (Repossession)
God is Art (Noisuf-X remix)

01.00-02.10 NoiZu

NoiZu intro
Raupe – Black Paper vs. Zardonic – Restless Slumber (Hijack Da Bass Remix) (NoiZu edit)
Chainreactor – Gas Panic
Leiden – Adramelech
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Far Too Loud Refix)
H.exe – Underground
Hypomaniacs – Breach
FUKK UP! – I am a Legend (original mix)
The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia remix)
Laforcah & Autodidakt – Rot
Q.G. – Necronomicon (LAFORCAH Remix)
RTPN – Termination
Deathproof – Bloodrush
Incubite – Zombietronix
Feindflug – Kahle Bedrohung
inline.seX.terror – Distorted Life
Chainreactor – Ghouls
Celldweller – Shut em Down (Extended Remix)
Prog3kt Mayh3m – Animal Instinct
SHNARPH! – Der Eiertanz
Rocket & An Early Cascade – To the Ground
Determinators & Sunaivod – Phattytron

02.10-02.50 VoyVod

The Ludovico Technique – Then I Found You (Shiv-R remix)
Ansome -Hang Dawg
Komor Kommando – The Power Within
Blush Response – Breathe
Grendel – Conflict Instigation (Terrolokaust remix)
Hocico – About A Dead
Reaper – Cracking Skulls (James Bones remix)
Kant Kino – Owner Of This House Lives Here
Modulate – Robots (Aesthetic Perfection remix)

02.50-03.30 Hexexen

Rob Zombie – Superbeast (Porno Holocaust mix)
Turmion Kätilöt – Sika!
Proteus – Illuminati
Hocico – Tiempos De Furia
Distoxia – Adrenaline administer (Necrotic remix)
XP8 – Night run (B.R.K. Solve Et Nigredo remix)
MALAKWA – Mahakala
Rotteen – Letdown around the bend
Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine – Tilkkutäkin alla
Abandoned Soul & Zutsuu – Nagareboshi


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