Soittolistat 15.4.2016

Soittolistat 15.4.2016 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Lopullinen soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

22.00-23.00 DJ VoyVod
23.00-23.30 Syncfactory (LIVE)
23.30-00.30 DJ Sadenia
00.30-01.30 Grendel (LIVE)
01.30-02.30 DJ emanon
02.30-03.30 DJ NoiZu

22.00-23.00 DJ VoyVod
Blac Kolor – Skele Ton (Floor Edit)
blush response – screaming fist
Combichrist – Play Dead
Stoppenberg – Radioactive
Assemblage 23 – The Noise Inside My Head (Grendel Rmx)
Aesthetic Perfection – The New Black
Ansome – Stowaway
Hezzel – Afraid Of Own Shadow
Shiv-R – Chemical
Mlada Fronta – Strict Dress Code
Memmaker – Sex With A Robot (Are You Gonna Do It?)
The Gothsicles – Ultrasweaty
Grausame Töchter – Bis Das Blut Fliesst

23.00-23.30 Syncfactory (LIVE)
Land Of Frost
Remember Me
Full Scale War

23.30-00.30 DJ Sadenia
Devin Martin — Killbot (Original Mix)
Alien Vampires — She’s On Drugs (SAM Horrortrip Remix)
Cyferdyne — Pathways (Grendel RMX)
CygnosiC — One Step Forward (ALIEN VAMPIRES Remix)
Reaxion Guerrilla — Torture + Disease (ZUBLA:GRIMAL Remix)
Valium Era — Human Evolution (Vault-113 Remix)
Detroit Diesel — Lost Signal (Freakangel Remix)
Terrortek X — Bio Chemical Warfare (Freaky Mind Radio Remix)
Incubite — Riot Trigger
BLAKOPZ — Injustice For All
Riot Kitten — Rumours To Signs
Freakangel — My Darling Bullet
Psy’Aviah — Ok (Freakangel Remix)
Ginger Snap5 — Feel My Rhythm

00.30-01.30 Grendel (LIVE)
Intro (Fall)
Conflict Instigation
Chemicals + Circuitry
Pax Psychosis
Timewave Zero
One Eight Zero
Far Away (unreleased)
Harsh Generation
Hate This

01.30-02.30 DJ emanon
Psyborg Corp. – My Mechatronics
Psyclon Nine – Divine Infekt
Caustic – Mutilate (You’ll Stomp To Anything)
Memmaker – Doom Ray
Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Nitro/Noise – Synchronised Beat Fuck
R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) – Schnarch
CAT – Seditious Minds
Fractional – Tess
Nachtmahr – Can You Feel The Beat (Grendel Remix)
C-Lekktor – Radioakktivity (Radio Mix)
Extize – Industrial Kombat

02.30-03.30 DJ NoiZu
Principles Of Flight – a Heavy Responsibility [NoiZu intro edit]
Alien Vampires – All The Fakes Must Die (Iszoloscope Remix)
Damage & Super Evil – Evil Deeds (Original mix)
Incubite – Collision Course (Death’n’Roll Version)
The Prodigy – The Omen (Sabretooth remix)
CygnosiC & Soman – Crawl (Soman remix)
Twisted System – Beautiful People (Tribute remix) [NoiZu edit]
Metal Wizard – Wanted
Haze & Big Dan – The Grudge (LGM & Costa Pantazis remix)
Tryambaka – Lady Vashj (Original mix) [NoiZu edit]
Rosewater – N.E.M.
Nexus – Incident
Avi Levi & Power Source – Vorlan (Ultravoice remix)


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