Soittolistat 20.1.2016

Soittolistat 20.1.2017 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Lopullinen soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

22.00-23.00 DJ Sadenia
23.00-23.30 I O / / I O (LIVE)
23.30-00.30 DJ emanon
00.30-01.00 Protectorate (LIVE)
01.00-01.50 DJ VoyVod
01.50-02.40 DJ NoiZu
02.40-03.30 DJ Hexexen

22.00-23.00 DJ Sadenia
(No data)

23.00-23.30 I O / / I O (LIVE)
(No data)

23.30-00.30 DJ emanon
Rick & Morty – Get Schwifty (Sirus remix)
Basszilla – Basszilla’s Bitches
REAPER – Farewell
Faderhead – The Way To Fuck God (Club Edit)
CYFERDYNE – End Of Ages ( GRENDEL cover)
Aesthetic Perfection – The Siren
Agonoize – Sacrifice (Remix by G-Pro)
Fractured – Only Human Remains
Psyborg Corp. – Interdimensional Hyperdrive
The Retrosic – Bloodsport
Combichrist – Get Your Body Beat
HOLOGRAM_ – Nostradamus Conspiracy
Illegal Trade – Space Hunter

00.30-01.00 Protectorate (LIVE)
(No data)

01.00-01.50 DJ VoyVod
Black Boots 1 This Shit Will Fuck You Up (Ode to Combichrist)
Huoratron – $$ Troopers
Schwefelgelb – Es Zieht Mich
Seraphim System – Weaponize
Aesthetic Perfection – Living The Wasted Life (DJ VoyVod’s Happy Accident Edit)
Komor Kommando – The Power Within
Ansome – Snake Eyes
Shiv-R – Eye Of The Needle
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor – Seal Point
Caustic – The Bible, The Bottle, The Bomb (Modulate Mix)
SAM – Halluzinogen (Shiv-R Remix)
Riot Kitten – Rumours To Signs

01.50-02.40 DJ NoiZu
Infirium – The Impending [NoiZu intro edit]
Alien Vampires – She’s on Drugs (More Than Me)
Encono – Misanthropy Adept (Aim&execute Relentless Remix)
Iliuchina – The Thriller (Brain Hunters remix) [NoiZu edit]
Brain Hunters – Snuff [NoiZu edit]
Circuito Cerrado – 8 Bit Bitch (Avarice in Audio Remix)
Vault-113 – Mechanism
Circuito Cerrado – Badass Bass (Chaotic Rave System Remix)
Traumatize – Comatose (Purgatory Remix by Mas-Si-Osare)
Nachtmahr – Katharsis
The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia remix)

02.40-03.30 DJ Hexexen
Rave The Reqviem – Synchronized stigma (Chainreactor remix)
Junksista – This room
DIE ANTWOORD – Pitbull terrier
Nitro/Noise – Censorshit (Zardonic dub remix) (Nitronoise (Official))
Chainreactor – Over the line
Avarice In Audio – Anthracite nights (Junksista remix)
XP8 – Our time (Heartwire remix)
Hocico – Instincts of perversion (Hocico Official)
Syncfactory – Burst (Riot Kitten remix)
Mr.Kitty – Mirror casket
Memmaker – Death comes (Sala Tra tre)
Lab4 – Psychopath (Lab4 reboot mix)
Cutoff:Sky – Human zoo
Aliceffect – DEI02 – Aetdth, All I see is You
Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine – Tänä yönä


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