Soittolistat 28.10.2017

Soittolistat 28.10.2017 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Lopullinen soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

Main Stage:
22:00-22:50 DJ emanon
22:50-23:40 NightStop LIVE
23:40-00:30 DJ NoiZu
00:30-01:30 The Gothsicles LIVE
01:30-02:30 DJ HexexeN
02:30-03:30 DJ Flambeau

22:00-23:00 DJ NoiZu
23:00-00:00 DJ Minzeru
00:00-> Flashback Future DJ’s

22:00-22:50 DJ emanon
DETROIT DIESEL – War Never Changes (CeDigest remix)
Cradle of Filth – From The Cradle To Enslave (Under Martian Rule Mix)
Seraphim System System – Beast (Ten Horns and Seven Heads remix)
Trollheims Grott – Addicted to Lethal Injections
Red Harvest – Dead Men Don’t Rape (GGFH cover)
God Destruction – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas
Enochian Crescent – Golgotha
Psyclon Nine – Crown Thy Fornicator
Ad Hominem – Slaves of God (PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Remix)
IPERYT – Keep Your Eyes Closed
Alien Vampires – Fuck Your Exorcism

22:50-23:40 NightStop LIVE
Synthax Terror
Beast Within
Dancing Killer
Dangerous Desires
Disco Pervert
Moonlight Bubblebath (feat. Jenny)
Touch of Her Knife
Death Troopers (feat. Kaster The Disaster)
She Dances in The Dark

23:40-00:30 DJ NoiZu
Intro – Ghost Girl
Vini Vici & Major7 – It’s Here [NoiZu edit]
Celldweller – Frozen (Growling Machines Remix) [NoiZu dub edit]
Insomnia – Nocturno
Freedom Fighters & Ryanosaurus – Million Little Pieces (Ace Ventura Remix) [NoiZu more noise edit]
Orpheus & Jano – Children Of The Night
Wizack Twizack – The Real System [NoiZu short edit]
D Maniac Vs Iliuchina – The Law [NoiZu edit]
The Prodigy – The Omen (Sabretooth remix)
Exemia – The Fallen Kind [NoiZu industrial mix]
Karmatrix – Stranger Things [NoiZu stranger edit]
SynthAttack – Insomnia (Dark remix)

00:30-01:30 The Gothsicles LIVE

01. 4 Fat Guys
02. Drop Dead, Squid Face!
03. Ultrasweaty
04. Otter Time
(water break)
05. Sword Cane
06. Dinosaur Tank
07. Magnetic Shield
08. Save Dat Mermaid
09. Sabotage
10. Konami Code

01:30-02:30 DJ HexexeN
(((o))) – Enter the lair (intro)
Buddy Baker – Grim grinning ghosts (JackG electro swing remix)
C-lekktor – Radioakktivity
Seraphim System – Riot in progress
Encephalon – Illuminate
GRENDEL – Fall like Rome
Extize – Gothbusters
Riot Kitten – Regicide
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Epos of The Argonauts (Syrian italodisco remix)
Alien Vampires – Far from humans (Helalyn Flowers remix)
Rave The Reqviem – Thistleblower (Ruinizer remix)
XP8 – Juggernaut (Iszoloscope remix)
Angels On Acid – Now you know
REAPER – Dirty cash (Skyla Vertex remix)
Hallucinator – Satanism
Rabia Sorda – Radio paranoia (The Synthetic Dream Foundation remix) (Rabia Sorda Official)
Mötley Crüe – Kickstart my heart (Dance with the dead remix)

02:30-03:30 DJ Flambeau
1979 – Metall und Technik
S.I.N.A – Bewegungsablauf
iVardensphere – Exile
Dirty K – Frequent thoughts on Violence
Iszoloscope – Raudivian device (Mangadrive)
Ambassador 21 – New Doctrine about Trinity
A21 & Beinhaus – wenn Ich Mir Was Wünschen Dürfte
Sonic Dragolgo – Dance Music
Illegal Trade – Space Hunter
Morbid Angel – I Am Morbid (Micropoint remix)
Proyecto Mirage – Smoke and Noise
Winterkälte – Riot Green Elves
Iszoloscope – in the Face of Descent
DJ Donna Summer – Rat pack
Samael – From Malkuth to Kether
Mono No Aware – Jadoo (Destructed by Detuned Destruction)
DJ Donna Summer – Sweet Assed Child of Mine

22:00-23:00 DJ NoiZu
Cima Muta – Past People
Monolog & Subheim – Sumo Rimi
Shpongle – Brain in a Fishtank
Seamoon – Satanic Pleasures
Subheim – Hollow
This Morn’ Omina – The Waters Of Duat
Alien:Nation – You Gonna Burn in Hell (Cursed in Eternity Version)
Phutureprimitive – Darkness
Niky Nine – Exhausted Divinity
Hecq – Nihilum (Anxst Remix)

23:00-00:00 DJ Minzeru
Marilyn Manson – Resident Evil Main Title Theme (Corp. Umbrella, SX Long)
Tomandandy – Tokyo (Resident Evil: Afterlife)
AKIRA YAMAOKA & Jeff Danna – Rain of Brass Petals (Three voices edit) (Silent Hill Revelation)
Charlie Clouser – Teeth Tape (Saw 3D)
Gothminister – March of the Dead
London After Midnight – Trick or Treat
Pojat – Lemmikkihautuumaa – Pet Cemetary
Laibach – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
John Carpenter – Night
Michiru Yamane – Doorway to Heaven (Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night)
Capcom Sound Team – Forever Torment (Darkstalkers 3: Lord Raptor & Victor Theme)
Vangelis – Blade Runner – End Titles
PODRUGA – Goose Coat (unreleased)
KFDDA – JPVD’s ‘End of Days’
Leaether Strip – Halloween Theme

00:00-> Flashback Future DJ’s
20SIX Hundred – Gaining Momentum
Midnight Driver – Saturday Night Fever
Midnight Driver – Discotek
New Order – Blue Monday ’88
VHS Glitch – Halloween Strangers
Damokles – Praise the Dead
VHS Glitch – Jaw Breaker
Cluster Buster – Corpses Live Forever
ForeignBlade – Bring Them To Me
Cluster Buster – A Midnight To Die For
Scandroid – The Force Theme
Sellorekt/LA Dreams – Nothing Better
Dead Astronauts – What For
VHS Glitch – Chainsaw Slasher
VHS Glitch – Night On The Dark Hill
Irving Force – Tech Scavengers
The Midnight – Nocturnal
Waveshaper – The Safe Road
Jessy Mach – Stranger Things (synthwave remix)
Cluster Buster – Regiment Of The Undead
Cluster Buster – Victim Beyond Help
VHS Glitch – Run For Your Life
VHS Glitch – Revenge
The Midnight – Sunset
Compilerbau – Death In Space
Sellorekt/LA Dreams – On and On
Perturbator feat. Greta Link – Venger
Sagittarius V – Renegade
Miami Nights ’84 – Clutch
Miami Nights ’84 – Phone Tag
VHS Glitch – Can`t Catch Me
The Doors – Riders On The Storm (Misha Klein & Prohorov Remix)
Dance with the Dead – Graveyard Shift
Ex-Machina – Night Of The Rottweiler IV (Main Theme)
We Are Number One Florian Olsson
Game Of Thrones Main Theme – Super Audio Time! 1986 Remix (80 s)
Sellorekt/LA Dreams – Flying
Kristine – Summer Long Gone
The Midnight – The Comeback Kid
Real Life – Send Me And Angel


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