Soittolistat 30.3.2018

Soittolistat 28.10.2017 bileisiin löytyvät täältä. Lopullinen soittojärjestys oli seuraavanlainen:

22-23 DJ Minzeru
23-00 DJ HexexeN
00-01 DJ emanon
01-02 DJ NoiZu
02-03:30 DJ Antinomy B2B DJ Amoklaughter

22-23 DJ Minzeru
Kraftwerk – Radioactivity ☢️
Leaether Strip – White as Chalk
Die Krupps – Dr. Mabuse
SPETSNAZ – Allegiance
Oldschool Union – M-N-T (thö official pääsiäisen munabiisi ;D )
AUTODAFEH – Feeding the Flames
The Gothsicles (official) – Tell Me About Your Problems
In Strict Confidence – Kiss Your Shadow
God Module – Telekinetic
Tactical Sekt – Syncope
painbastard – Borderline
Agrezzior – Hammer of Combat (feat. Autodafeh)
CEPHALGY- Official – Schwarze Göttin

23-00 DJ HexexeN
Perturbator – Corrupted by design
The Devil & The Universe – The Church of The Goat
Lazerpunk – Black Lambo
Grendel – Dead Inside
Nitro/Noise – Censorshit (Zardonic dub mix)
Celldweller – Switchback (Neuroticfish remix)
Implant – CCCPCCTV (XMH remix)
Neonsol – Heat (Hotter than Hell remix by ESA)
Sirus – Neon Dominion (Ginger Snap5 remix)
Memmaker – Energon3 (remixed by Studio-X)
Voster – V Dependent
Switchface – A crack in the monolith
Mlada Fronta – Strict Dress Code
Death Valley Scars – Skeletor Is Watching You! (No More F##kin’ Skeletons Mix)
Riot Kitten – Compression Ghosts

00-01 DJ emanon
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – (A)llied (M)astercomputer
3teeth – Nihil
Xentrifuge – Machine Winter
Psyclon Nine – Crown Thy Fornicator (The Enigma TNG Remix)
Hydrocyanic – Hellagood (No Doubt Cover)
Gasoline Invertebrate – Freak Drive
NOISUF-X- Done in 15 Minutes (Club Mix)
[:SITD:] (Official) – Zenit
CYGNOSIC- This is the night (Tanz Mix)
Essence Of Mind – Escape (Club Mix)
David Hasselhoff – True Survivor
Rave The Reqviem – Aeon (Tranced By Alien Vampires)
Panzer AG – Behind A Gas Mask
Hatari – X

01-02 DJ NoiZu
Nie – Panz-E
Cyberlich – Blood
Nie – MMR
X-RX – Pedestrian
Memmaker – Manipulate
Extize – Da Grufti
Noise Resistance – WDUWFM
Shiv-R – Alpha Omega [NoiZu edit]
The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Technomancer remix)
Binary Division – Biosoft-X (darkTunes Edit)
Exemia – Pensamientos Mayugados (Remix by Device Noize)
Pain on Creation – Lush (Epyx & Cyrez Remix) [NoiZu edit]
Noisuf-X – Panic
Amelia Arsenic – Architects of Death
Distoxia – Androide
Nhato – Amygdala

02-03:30 DJ Antinomy B2B DJ Amoklaughter
—–DJ Amoklaughter—–
Wychdoktor – Aggressor
Panic Dispenser – The Roots Of Evil
—–DJ Antinomy—–
Manufactura – Control.Domination.Response
Phosgore – Detonate Devastate Annihilate
Sam – Compactor
—–DJ Amoklaughter—–
W.A.S.T.E – Are we just animals
K Ø Z L Ø V – Metalizer
Hezzel – overld
—–DJ Antinomy—–
Kriminal Minds – Keep It Up
Terrorfakt – No Mercy
Surgyn – 400
—–DJ Amoklaughter—–
H880 – Acte IV
Weyner – Disaster
Animal Holocaust – Exorcism
—–DJ Antinomy—–
Reaper – Robuste Maschine (Mono tonic)
Unter Null – Assfuckers, Inc. (Harder! Remix)
—–DJ Amoklaughter—–
Codex Empire – The Valley Of Wraiths
Axel Picodot – Hooligans
—–DJ Antinomy—–
Xotox – Mechanische Unruhe (MH20 mix by Heimataerde)
Converter – Death Time


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